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Re: Patent pending: Network-based classified information systems.

From: Dudley Mills <dudmills@ozemail.com.au>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 22:59:56 +1100
Message-ID: <34EEC1BC.49B4@ozemail.com.au>
To: Tony Sanders <sanders@earth.com>
CC: www-talk@w3.org
Tony Sanders <sanders@earth.com> wrote:

> Or another way to look at it, the market HAS decided and we decided
> we didn't want to pay people for things that are trivial and obvious,
> like putting information on a web page in a way that is computer
> readable (uh, isn't that the whole point of the web?).  That only
> serves to undermine the whole patent process, which is already on
> shakey ground because of unscrupulous patenters, lax patent policies
> and a lack of expertise of computing and software in the patent
> offices.
> Maybe we need to start an organizational fund to fight patent abuses
> such as trying to patent an HTML tag.
> Anyone for the GILU? -- Global Information Liberation Union
> Or maybe the NMFSP -- No More Software Patents

Hi Tony,

I need to eat to live to think another day. Is it unreasonable to try to
profit from my labour? Not all inventions are as profound as controlled
fire or the wheel yet we all benefit daily from them.

Best wishes,
Dudley Mills,
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