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<use> child and SVGElementInstance: example needed

[css-print] New draft: CSS print profile

[CSS21] Duplicate property in index

[CSS21] q an quote and content properties etc.

[CSS21]-relevant: Opera-bug 122147 (font-sizes)

[css3-preslev] New draft: CSS3 presentation levels module

[css3-syntax] New draft: CSS3 syntax module

[css3-text] Hanging Indent

[css3-text] Hanging Indent Again

[css3-ui] Last Call Comments on 3 July 2003 draft


border property & svg

clip and overflow:hidden

CSS3 box height %

CSS3 media queries, clarifications requested

CSS3 multi-column layout


E[foo*="bar"] selector

Floats and inline-table boxes

I18n review of CSS3 Basic UI

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My details

q an quote and content properties etc.

QA review of CSS3-UI

Selectors+accessibility (the XML threat)

Size of "inline-block" [CSS 2.1]

Suggestion: 'resolve' property

Suggestions about max-width

Table width

Thank you!

That movie

title/alt and style generated content

Your application

Your details

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