Re: q an quote and content properties etc.

On Sunday, August 3, 2003, 3:26:10 PM, Jörg wrote:

JH> 2) to put quotation marks into the presentation part (CSS) instead
JH> of the source structure is a really bad idea, since they reflect
JH> text structure/semantics (like punctuation in general). <em> is
JH> part of the structure, as is <h1> and <p> and <cite> and <q>.
JH> That's just the idea of seperating structure from representation.
JH> To put quotation marks into a text is by definition _not_ a
JH> representation task (while the question of how they are displayed
JH> is).

I agree completely, but that is what HTML 4 did and thus, CSS had to come
up with something to meet this requirement.


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