Re: Last Call comments for css3-ui

> Whether we talk about extremely "local" validation (e.g. in JavaScript),
> or very generic language (e.g. XML validition) is orthogonal to the
> semantics of :valid and :invalid, and just as CSS is e.g designed to
> make no distinction between "local" (X)HTML markup and
> generic XML markup, CSS shouldn't make a distiction between
> :valid / :invalid coming from a DTD, a schema, an xForm or any other
> validation technique.

Yes, but my point was that the layer of indirection *does* matter, because
the element deemed invalid (in the form data instance document) is not the
one that the pseudo-class is being applied to (in the XForms document).

These are different because a different element is being validated, not
because it is necessarily being validated in a different way.


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Received on Friday, 1 August 2003 04:50:14 UTC