Re: list-style-position

First of all, good job, this stuff is a huge improvement to previous 

A few questions:

Is it a good thing to define the ::marker box based on 'inline-block' 
and if so why? Is the intention to have markers spanning multiple 
lines and if so what was your overflow comment refering to? (you 
might want to exapand a little on this in the WD?).

Would having a restriction on when the value 'outside' is actually 
applicable help with reducing and/or help debugging the troublesome 
conflicts? What i am thinking of is something to the effect that a 
marker that is positioned outside must fit into the margin of the 
principal box or the padding (or margin?) of the containing block. 
Otherwise the computed value of list-item-position becomes 'inside'. 

Why position the ::marker box horizontally based on the position of 
the line or content edge rather than the border edge of the principal 
box? Does this in some way help with float issues and would 
positioning with regards to border edge reduce the likelyhood of 
float conflicts?

The text-indent and/or text-align properties does not affect the 
position of the ::marker box in this model right? (neither are 
mentioned in the lists WD with regards to outside position, perhaps 
there should be an informative note?)

Would it not be easier to make the ::marker box affect the line-
height with its margin/padding/border either always(my spontaneous 
preference) or never rather than based on its contents? (how would an 
inline-block affect the line in the initial line-stacking-strategy?)


Received on Friday, 8 August 2003 11:46:33 UTC