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On Tue, 27 Feb 2001 17:03:21 -0800, Chris Wilson <>

>Jeffrey Yasskin [] wrote:
>>I do not believe Microsoft when they say that their "bugs" were accidental.
>>They were a conscious effort to win market share.

That statement is strengthened by the fact that MS is seriously
advocating their own supported things at MSDN. And where do uneducated
people look for info on MS stuff in the first place?

>And it's going to work too...


>When I said our CSS FCR bugs were accidental, I spoke from authority; I
>personally wrote the entire CSS parser used in IE3.0

I already knew that since I heard you say so in Amsterdam last year.

>and IE4.0.

That was a new thing.

>Saying you don't believe failing forward compatibility rules is
>calling me personally a liar.

That is to far; What we "in the world" can see is a multi billion dollar
company that overruns common people by fluffing them all into soft and
cosy cotton. (in the form of 'no questions asked' user friendliness [1])

Or; maybe we are looking at such a dreadful situation here that the
"head" of Win MSIE actually have to do all the involved programming work
by himself? No project group, no nothing to help keep MS on the web?

Gosh! if that's the case, how come you never found out about the
obvious, help is available for free, you just have to ask...

>If you intend to do this...

No one is calling you a "liar" Chris, but I think I'm pretty much on
target to call you a "thick head". Take up some "Steel Man" behavior and
maybe the next WinIE will become what we like to see too.

[1] MS User friendliness...
    A method used to prohibit people from learning anything new,
    foddered by the fact that what they already know works for them,
    regardless of how wrong it may be to start with...

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