RE: Make Microsoft follow the spec.

Jeffrey Yasskin [] wrote:
>I do not believe Microsoft when they say that their "bugs" were accidental.
>They were a conscious effort to win market share. And it's going to work
>too. As a web surfer, I'd rather use a browser that doesn't blow up when an
>author forgets a </td> or mistypes a ':'.

When I said our CSS FCR bugs were accidental, I spoke from authority; I
personally wrote the entire CSS parser used in IE3.0 and IE4.0.  Saying you
don't believe failing forward compatibility rules is calling me personally a
liar.  If you intend to do this, then that's fine - working for Microsoft
and championing standards has given me a very thick skin, if nothing else -
but understand the consequence, and expect that I will afford you the same
[lack of] courtesy.

As for other "bugs", that depends on how you define "bugs" - the
aforementioned "tables resetting font properties" issue was certainly a
conscious decision, since we were trying to be compatible with the defacto
standard.  Many bugs were just that, however - bugs.

-Chris Wilson

Received on Tuesday, 27 February 2001 20:04:07 UTC