updating SAC for CSS3 selectors


I think that the three following attribute conditions are not in the
present SAC spec:


I suggest adding respectively the following constants:


SAC also lists a SAC_ROOT_NODE_SELECTOR with I believe is *not* :root. A
root node selector would imho be equivalent to XPath's / and would select
_above_ the document element. It's style rule would not apply to the HTML
element in an HTML document, but the HTML element would inherit what's
inheritable in it's rule. I'd say :root on its own is equivalent to *:root.
Thus, it ain't a selector but a condition. So I guess that either
SAC_ROOT_CONDITION (or SAC_IS_ROOT_CONDITION) should be added, or the doc
should be updated to say that SAC_PSEUDO_CLASS_CONDITION is not just for
link pseudo-classes. Same decision (new constant or putting into
pseudo-class conditions) probably applies to :empty and :target. Given that
there is a positional category for some pseudo-classes, I feel the decision
is not obvious. :subject is different enough that I think there definitely
should be something special for it. It isn't really a condition though, so
I don't know how to deal with that one.

Any thoughts, ideas, feelings, reactions ? As you might have guessed from
my few posts on SAC these past few days, I'm working on a SAC
implementation. I'm 90-95% of the way there so I'd appreciate reactions if
there are any to be had. I solved my question about the @charset callback
by providing it anyway (the Perl interface will differ to some extent from
the Java interface in order to be more perlish, so that's ok) but I still
can't figure out what exactly the getSpecified method is meant to do. As
for the above questions I feel they are important enough that they
shouldn't be different in the Perl version, and I'd like to integrate them
while I'm working on this (they came up while I was working on the
attribute condition code). So please help me help Perl help SAC help CSS
help save the world :-)

-- robin b.
Doctor:   "Ah, ah that's a catch question. With a brain your size you don't
think, right?" -- Dr. Who

Received on Tuesday, 27 February 2001 20:05:24 UTC