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Clean up the "Three Flavor" Mess Joel Wilf (Monday, 26 April)

XHTML 1.0 rfc Martin-Eric Racine (Monday, 26 April)

XML Declaration in xhtml-modularization-19990406 Susan Lesch (Sunday, 25 April)

[Fwd: W3C - Add link request] Renaud Bruyeron (Friday, 23 April)

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HTML default stylesheet? +IE5 vs tidy Xavier Plantefeve (Tuesday, 20 April)

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RE: Geographic tagging of HTML pages - draft-daviel-html-geo-tag- 00.txt Daniel Austin (Wednesday, 14 April)

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netscape without borders!!! miguel (Tuesday, 13 April)

XHTML for cellular telephones rhuso@tegic.com (Monday, 12 April)

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Web server Erwin Kodiat (FXAPAG IDN) (Thursday, 8 April)

May I introduce myself to the list... Matthias Zscherp (Wednesday, 7 April)

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