Re: cutting to the chase

Thomas Lord wrote:

> These conclusions from the discussion seem
> correct to me:

And totally wrong to me. Your 'cutting to the chase' looks to me like a 
clumsy attempt to push things in a specific direction by ignoring the 
work that many people on this list are trying to do to build consensus 
on a wrapper format and/or EOTL variant among genuine stakeholders. The 
idea that there is 'rough consensus' on TTF/OTF when neither Microsoft 
nor most professional font makers will support or license fonts for use 
in naked format on the web is laughable. There is far less consensus on 
TTF/OTF than there is on either something like .webfont/ZOT or even 
EOTL, as all the discussion of the past few days demonstrates.


Received on Monday, 3 August 2009 02:30:14 UTC