Re: FW: EOT-Lite File Format

Richard Fink wrote:

> If you or someone else hasn't started a thread on Typophile to discuss this tomorrow, I'll start one.

Go ahead, but note that while a number of font makers are active as 
individuals on Typophile, many are not and those that are might not be 
in a position to make public statements on behalf of their companies.

I also think that if you (or I) just go to font makers and say 'Will you 
license your fonts for the EOTL format as proposed here [link to John's 
1.1 draft]?', the first response you will get from a lot of people will 
be 'What about .webfont?' So you'll need to explain the context of your 

I will be initiating some discussions about EULAs on other channels, and 
with permission from the participants may be able to report back here. I 
can't promise that, though.


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