Re: Mozilla Proposal for HTML5 Spec Licence

To me the following statement by hixie reads like we have a person in
as pivotal position within the working group (editor) who has no faith
in the process and is not prepared to constructively engage in working
group process. I would suggest this has already had and will continue
to have a seriously detrimental effect on HTML5 as a technical

is this a situation that the W3C condones and is willing to accept?

Hixie wrote [1]:

"I find the process this working group is following to be dreadfully
unwieldly, opaque, and illogical. I have no intention of attempting to
follow this process for issues that are trivial, as I do not consider that
a productive use of my time. Furthermore, the low quality of the decisions
overall does not motivate one to wish to take part in the process. (For
example, decisions are made that literally nobody thinks makes any sense,
decisions are made that introduce contradictions in the spec, feedback is
ignored, decisions have resulted in outside communities thinking that the
the W3C is making the spec "mediocre", etc.) Why bother taking part if the
result is just random? (Not all decisions fall into this bucket, but a lot
of the ones made over the past two or so months do.)"

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