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"Datatyping for Dummies" (or Occam's Razor Slash Fest)

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(offlist) Re: simplified datatyping proposal


Any plans for SVG support in CMAPTools?

Apologies, groanings, and gnashing of teeth...

Clarifying the minimal union-based proposal

CWM NTriples Fix

cwm q? [default namespace and attributes messed up]

dc / subproperty example ?

Eep API: Query/Inference/Tests

Eep RDF API and Query Engine

entailment test case level 5

eric and a picture of eric...

Even more simplified datatyping proposal

History of EARL/EDL/ADL

i circumflex example

irc chat re reification

Issue 33 : Proposed resolution

Jos's stuff...

Linearizing SVG using RDF and XSLT

Machine-Readable metadata for Creative Commons

New And Improved Eep: Now With Builtins!

new cwm release

New question: distinguished status of http:?

New Version Of Eep

Notation3: The Great QName Survey

NTriples To Prolog

One final step to datatyping convergence and closure?

Proposal for Compromise and Closure (with all three idioms)

pychecker warns of problems in cwm/llyn/thing source

RDFcore WG, 2002-02-08 teleconference, IRC log

Sands, take III

Sands: Syntax and Semantics in XAG, take II

SOAP/Squish/Anotea client


Thorny one - representing greek letters and formulae in an english page

Yet another approach to literals (take 2)

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