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History of EARL/EDL/ADL

From: Sean B. Palmer <sean@mysterylights.com>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 00:36:02 -0000
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<sbp> I researched the history of ADL once... it goes back years
<sbp> Hmm... I should have recorded it. Let's do it again

- Requirements for Accessibility Description Language (ADL?), Fri, Nov
10 2000

- minutes from 30 October 2000
Concerns pointing into document in order to report on them using XML.
"CM" (Chaals) mentions using RDF properties.

- Evaluation Results In XML - SSB Technologies Thoughts
" have put together a short set of ideas for a what a possible XML
evaluation document could look like."

- Evaluation Results In XML
"We have been working on a means of storing the accessibility
evaluation of an HTML document."

- Teleconference Monday 8/7/2000
"Agenda Item 1: Use of RDF to specify accessibility status of pages."
from Len

- Aug 1 Minutes, 2000
Some talk of RDF

- RE: New technique: Technique 13.9.1 [priority 3] Verify that
information about document collections is provided.
Some discussion of using RDF in documents, but no treally related to

- Re: RDF
Form Chaals. "I would use a persistent RDF database for keeping track
of what has been rated."

- RDF conformance stuff
SEminal stuff from Charles McCathieNevile and Dan Brickley

- Re: Use META to describe conformance level of a document.

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