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2002-06-24 irc log

[Issue] asserts vs. assertedBy

[Issue] DanBri's model (and NickG's model)

[Issue] Result Properties as... well, Properties

[Issue] Using bNodes for the subject, and other stuff

[OT] Betsie Security Bugfix Release Version 1.5.12

Accessibility Valet

Agenda for Monday and Tuesday

Automatically testing Web content for flicker

Clarifying my EARL reorganization idea

danbri's notes, 2002-06-24 (morning)

dave pawson corrected earl dtd

Devising a schema for accessibility testing

Document Source and EARL

earl (vocab) design issues -- rough notes

EARL and locating a problem...

Evaluating and repairing tables

Experiments With Abbreviated EARL As An Authoring Tool

Issues list

next chat (in 11 1/2 hours) and beginning of new spec

Preview: a kinder, gentler accessibility tool

Proposal: severity axis on test result

rough cut proposal for simplified RDF EARL

Sample EARL Data: the results of passing a UA through a sample

simplified earl suggestion (from dave)

tables of properties

超值雙組合=駭客技術加新名單 p93nPkEdonskrH


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