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Regrets for next week's meetings Wendy A Chisholm (Friday, 30 March)

Dick Brown signing off Dick Brown (Thursday, 29 March)

Change of AU bridge instructions Charles McCathieNevile (Thursday, 29 March)

checklink and javascript: URI scheme (was Re: Code: 501 Protocol scheme 'javascript' is not supported) Hugo Haas (Tuesday, 27 March)

April 2 meeting different time Leonard R. Kasday (Monday, 26 March)

FYI: review and repair of Web interface to W3C email archives Al Gilman (Thursday, 22 March)

19 March 2001 ERT WG minutes Wendy A Chisholm (Monday, 19 March)

Reminder: W3C Quality Assurance Workshop position paper deadline is today Wendy A Chisholm (Friday, 16 March)

Agenda for Monday's call Wendy A Chisholm (Friday, 16 March)

EARL properties details Daniel Dardailler (Wednesday, 14 March)

12 March 2001 ERT WG minutes Wendy A Chisholm (Monday, 12 March)

TIME CORRECTION [WAS Re: Meeting Monday march 12 kasday leonard (Monday, 12 March)

Semantic EARL? William Loughborough (Monday, 12 March)

Meeting Monday march 12 Leonard R. Kasday (Saturday, 10 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] equal marks Daniel Dardailler (Friday, 9 March)

equal marks laurie.davis-covin@nist.gov (Friday, 9 March)

Linking EARL from (X)HTML Sean B. Palmer (Wednesday, 7 March)

01 March 2001 F2F meeting minutes (AU/ERT/WCAG) Wendy A Chisholm (Wednesday, 7 March)

Next meeting not today (6 March) is 12 March, solo Wendy A Chisholm (Tuesday, 6 March)

SMIL positioning Charles McCathieNevile (Monday, 5 March)

trouble tickets, grid forum flavor Al Gilman (Monday, 5 March)

Reminder: No meeting today (5 March) - it's tomorrow with AU Wendy A Chisholm (Monday, 5 March)

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