Agenda for Monday's call

Next Teleconference: Monday, March 19, 2001, 10:00-11:30 Eastern USA Time 
(GMT -05:00) on the MIT bridge (+1 617-258-7910)

Len sends regrets, so I will be chairing the meeting.

1. EARL properties details

What are people's thoughts? What else do people need to move forward on 
this (i.e. implement something)?  What's missing? What questions do people 

2. Timeline. Len and I propose the following:

1. Express daniel's EARL properties details in N3 (by next week?)
2. Hand simulate some output
3. Generate a report based on hand simulation
4. Merge multiple outputs into a single report
5. Have a tool output a report (WAVE, a-prompt?)
6. Write machine readable tests (express the test conditions in a 
machine-readable format.  These are the "rule sets" that we've talked 
about. i.e. a rule set for 508, one for WCAG 1.0, one for WCAG 2.0, and one 
for "my favorite company's internal rules")
7. Have a tool output a report based on human and machine checks
8. Have a tool input a single report (Amaya?)
9. Have a tool merge multiple inputs

If done correctly, the code for 3,4,5 would be the same as 7,8,9.
We're looking for volunteers to implement and comments on the 
timeline.  What are realistic dates to shoot for? How do we divvy up the work?
wendy a chisholm
world wide web consortium
web accessibility initiative
madison, wi usa
tel: +1 608 663 6346

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