trouble tickets, grid forum flavor

[The Grid Forum meeting is happening as we speak.   I'm not at it.]

I suspect that the basic trouble ticket practices can be the same for access
trouble as for any other bug.  So maybe we can stick to inventing where it
comes to describing the access problem and criteria for a non-problem, and
do what everyone else does as far as the basic tracking-support information.

The Grid Forum has no exclusive lock on insight in this area.  However for our
purposes their deliberation has some positive points in its favor.   They are
trying to consense on a model they all can use.  They are considering this
question now, with the Web as a tool clearly established.   Their
discussion is
a world wide dialog.  They have real helpdesk staff involved in the
and they are carrying out their conversations in public.


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>Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 03:34:15 -0600
>From: John Towns - NCSA Cog <>
>Subject: Fwd: Sort of White Paper
>Folks--  This did not yet get posted to the website.  Today (monday) we 
>will work through a final review of the Best Practices document 
>If we finish going through the Best Practices document early on Monday and 
>certainly during the Tuesday session we will look at the attached which is 
>a start on a document defining the requirement for a site to participate in 
>a Grid environment.  We will also look at a first cut at a trouble ticket 
>exchange specification 
>We had also hoped to discuss a draft of a document outlining services and 
>tools requirements for effective grid support services.  I haven't seen 
>this from Don Frederick as yet.  Perhaps we will see it before tomorrow
>>Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 16:36:20 -0800
>>From: "George B. Myers" <>
>>To: John Towns <>
>>Subject: Sort of White Paper
>>Well, it started out to be an outline, but, grew as I did it.  But, none 
>>the less, it can still serve as
>>a starting point.

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