19 March 2001 ERT WG minutes


19 March 2001 ERT WG minutes
Summary of action items and resolutions
       Action SP: express what we have in N3.
       Action WC propose to WCAG WG and ERT WG dinner on Friday to talk 
about EARL and other related issues.

       Chris Ridpath
       Daniel Dardailler
       Sean Palmer
       William Loughborough
       Wendy Chisholm
Len Kasday

EARL details and timeline
CR No way to report, just current interface. However, store in XML answers 
to questions, such as is this table used for layout or not, alt-text for 
images, etc.
WC When fit into A-prompt?
CR Have to get out of chaos mode. At least a couple of weeks.
WC How about you Sean?
SP can do #4 with CWN.
WC EARL propery details?
SP Good.
DD need experience. Martin Duerst already wrote about negotiation.
WC Any steps missing in the timeline?
DD If people don't have big comments on vocabulary, let's use a notation, 
RDF is fine. Let's take example in message and write in notation.
WC How long to go through timeline?
DD Don't know. Who implement? How long w/in working group vs. outside.
WC Cool if HTML validator output EARL.
DD Talk about at QA workshop. At some point out of ERT and managed by QA.
WL Will there be something talked about at the QA thing?
DD Yes, on the agenda. We'll get feedback from people who have done this. 
Find out who willing to use in test suite.
WL Doesn't make sense for those who are just listening to say anything 
about timeline, since other people doing it.
DD We can do the first few steps. This WG is experimenting with the stuff, 
EARL will have QA life of own.
WC Iterative vocabulary development happen in QA?
DD Depends.
WC I would like to see ERT WG developing rule sets for WCAG, UAAG, and ATAG 
perhaps also 508. so that people implementing language have something to 
refer to.
DD Have to find way to specialize the language. Other people do the same. 
We're at the beginning we need people to generate the output for various 
WC Mentioned SVG test suitE?
DD Set up a principle that we make it as generic as possible so we don't 
run into diverging versions. If we need to express something in semantics 
specific to WCAG that can not be done generically, then branch out. Start 
with what we have.
WC action?
Action SP: express what we have in N3.
WC DD, get NIST people committed to implementing?
DD yes. QA activity is to write guidelines for test suites. EARL output 
will be one item of the checklist. The NIST people probably be first to 
produce. They do so many test suites for W3C, so probably do that.
WC Way to involve more people in list discussions?
CR still pretty theoretical. If you can have a practical application, more 
people will be interested.
WC Other thoughts?
DD In experiments, see if this model can express that same person runs 100 
tests on the same resource. If a tool, maybe same test over several pieces 
of a resource. Not sure how to express at this level of abstraction. Once 
have notation, see how it works.
CR Any one going to WWW10?
DD and WC - yes.
CR What WAI events going on?
WC None. Perhaps BOF one evening.
WL What about CSUN? How about a dinner Friday night?
Action WC propose to WCAG WG and ERT WG dinner on Friday to talk about EARL 
and other related issues.

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