Re: checklink and javascript: URI scheme (was Re: Code: 501 Protocol scheme 'javascript' is not supported)

Hella cool. (Action Charles, propose update to techniques that explains
exactly what to do with these kind of links).

Is it possible to get the validator to also output some RDF? Perhaps even to
produce an annotation on the age that was checked, and POST it to the annotea


On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Hugo Haas wrote:

  [ I am copying the WAI Evaluation, Repair, and Transform Tools
    Working Group[8] mailing list for info. ]

  * Hugo Haas <> [2001-03-26 18:25-0500]
  > The link checker does not support the javascript: scheme[1].
  > Also, note that the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines[2] using
  > "javascript:" links[3] makes your document not accessible; this is a
  > priority[4] 1 checkpoint:
  >    [Priority 1]
  >           A Web content developer must satisfy this checkpoint.
  >           Otherwise, one or more groups will find it impossible to access
  >           information in the document. Satisfying this checkpoint is a
  >           basic requirement for some groups to be able to use Web
  >           documents.

  The link checker[5] now informs users that they must change a
  'javascript:' link, referencing the Web Content Accessibility
  Guidelines 1.0[2] and the Techniques for Web Content Accessibility
  Guidelines 1.0[6].

  See [7] for an example.


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