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[editorial] acronym/abbreviation mixup in AERT

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Accessibility Description Language - Overview


Assertion "tool"

Chicken/egg and the "meanwhile problem"

colot-blind tool?

Comments/Quibble on "Making Classes Accessible"

Dickb regrets for meeting Monday 11/13

ER/PF f2f registration & update

ERT XHTML Module for the WAI

Finally, a Solid RDF Metalanguage for Accessibility Assertions...

Fwd: [Scott Luebking] Some results from testing forms errors

Fwd: Semantic Web: RDF Module For XHTML m12n

Hi, Low price inkjet cartridges

How do we point into a web page [was minutes from 30 October 2000]

Integration of AERT into AU techniques

Len will not be at 11/20 er telecon

Meeting Monday 11/13

Meeting Tuesday

Minutes from 07 November 2000 join ER and AU working group telecon

minutes from 13 november?

Minutes from 20 November 2000 ERT WG Telecon

Minutes from 27 November 2000 telecon

Monday Meeting

Monday Telcon

next face to face meeting

NIST doing accessibility test suite for 508

No telecon Monday

RDF vs. just XML

RDF, etc.


Recommended Readings

Regrets For Monday's Telecon

Reminder: UA last call review

REMINDER: User Agent Accessibility Guideline in Last Call until 13 November

Request to join

Requirements for Accessibility Description Language (ADL?)

Short List of URIs


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