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Report form, take 2. Daniel Dardailler (Friday, 28 August)

Introduction Nir Dagan (Friday, 14 August)

first steps in the complaint process Al Gilman (Thursday, 13 August)

Classification/Selection of Tools Daniel Dardailler (Wednesday, 12 August)

resume Frode Volden (Tuesday, 11 August)

Official WAI Report Form Daniel Dardailler (Monday, 10 August)

introduction David Clark (Monday, 10 August)

WAI ER IG: Introduction from Tony Plant Tony Plant (Monday, 10 August)

Resume Harvey Bingham (Monday, 10 August)

resume William Loughborough (Monday, 10 August)

WAI-ER-IG Welcome and Introductions Leonard R. Kasday (Monday, 10 August)

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