RE: Official WAI Report Form

Interesting idea, people have been asking for something like this for quite
a while.

- general idea of W3C/WAI providing such a report, good or bad,
   useful or useless ?
I think  such a system is valuable. There needs to be the right balance
between Mechanical analysis and human analysis. In other words, we do not
want people submitting claims without empirical evidence, but at the same
time the machines are not always right.
Also, what do we do about sites that are served differently for different
brrowsers. And if a page has a text alternative page, can the original page
be rated accessible?

 - what to do with the data: public or not, at what stage ? (current
   model suggest that the data is not public right away but can if
   nothing is done - with no definition of "nothing")
I say keep it  private, or send it to EO for fol.low=up.


Received on Tuesday, 11 August 1998 17:12:10 UTC