Official WAI Report Form

I have what I think is a good work item for the ER IG.

A summer student (Eric Cabrit) and I have been playing with the idea
of a W3C/WAI "endorsed" report and tracking facility.

It's not operational yet, no active CGI behind the scene, and the
message preview is just a template, but we're not far from having it
working and most of the issues we have right now are I think issues
for the IG to deal with, the WG just acting as an implementation

Feedback is needed on several things, like:
 - general idea of W3C/WAI providing such a report, good or bad,
   useful or useless ?
 - what to do with the data: public or not, at what stage ? (current
   model suggest that the data is not public right away but can if
   nothing is done - with no definition of "nothing")
 - how to manage the liability risk for W3C (spammer, angry/insulting
   reporters, few mistakes, plain wrong report, etc) 
 - maintenance of data: when to delete entries, forecast of usage (is
   human tracking of reports possible?)
 - how to subset the Page Author guidelines for reference from this form?
 - need to refine the outgoing message wording and identify how many
   translation to provide ? 

Received on Monday, 10 August 1998 11:26:56 UTC