Re: WAI-ER-IG Welcome and Introductions

Hi,  I'm Al Gilman.

When I joined the dev-access list I said "I'm a standards
reformer, and I have an agenda."

Maybe that was a little in-your-face, and then maybe I am.

General background is at <>.

I am wearing at least two hats in this particular context.

Under one hat I am chairing the WAI Protocols and Formats Working
Group.  I think we need to have some empirical backup for
protocol and format suggestions we make in the future.  So I am
looking to this group to brainstorm some things to try, and the
ER-WG to prototype some of them, so that we can be more confident
of our recommendations.

Under another hat I am on the Trace Center team that will be
supporting NSF NPACI webmasters with a toolkit strongly related
to the results of the ER teams in the WAI.  This has led me to be
talking with webmasters and web evaluators in the U.S. Federal
Government, which is a business headquartered near where I live.
I have been talking up this group with those folks.


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