Classification/Selection of Tools

Now that the ER IG has started, I'd like to get the ER WG going.

So far, the participant list is limited, that's because I haven't been
pro-active in getting existing tool authors to sign up.

I haven't been pro-active because I'm not sure I want to contact all
the people behind the tools listed in
to get on board in the WG.

I'd like the ER IG to start reviewing the current list and give
advises on: 
  - current classification in Evaluation/Repair/Transform (this fits
    the ER IG "Mission statement" as defined in
  - whether or not we should carry-on more than one tool in each
    category (more than one Bobby, more than one Proxy filter service?)
  - start discussing the relationship between UA/AU guidelines and,
    respectively,  Transform/Repair tools: is our goal to deliver things
    that be re-used by UA/AU or just show that it's doable (albeit in
    client proxy/independent tools)

Received on Wednesday, 12 August 1998 10:02:27 UTC