Re: Official WAI Report Form

> > - maintenance of data: when to delete entries, forecast of usage (is
> >   human tracking of reports possible?)
> I suggest retest each month after first notification. Add comment into the
> public "inaccessibility" list that it remains so with dates of tests (and
> any sign of either improvement or further degeneration. This seems quite
> schedulable for automated running. Remove URL when fixed (and send email
> so indicating to the repairer, giving thanks for the work), and copy the
> original reporter. Remove no longer valid URLs. 

The issue is, I'm not sure the things reported thru this form are
all automatable, that's the main reason for having this form: to carry
human judgement on web accessibility.

> We may understand the jargon used in the form. Many site designers won't.

yes, a help file will help
> One strength of Bobby worth emulating is for each of the problems the
> link to a more detailed explanation.
> Missing ALT on Image (or irrelevant)
> I don't understand the parenthesized idea. HTML 4.0 requires ALT on all IMG. 

I meant "irrelevant description", like "foo.gif 34K" or "apple" for an 
> I don't know what "misuse of UL" is about?

it's when it's use to do margin/indent
> Decouple "Moving/Blinking text and unexpected refresh"

> "Page fubar and no Text-only" must be stated more clearly. Do you mean
> "Page that depends on graphics has no text-only version"?

I meant fubar as in "F*** Up Beyond All Recognition".
(for those of you who didn't know, this is the ancestor of foobar,
which later became foo and bar, common variable names in programs :-)

Your working is better.
> Browser Used:
> List excludes Opera.

Yes, I took it from Bobby.

> General Comment: this reporting form is nicely terse. Tabs step through it,
> except for the browser used list.

Should it be a radio button list as well ?

> Preview of Message to be sent Message should go both to the reported URL 
> and copy back to the reporter. 

Isn't that what happen ?
  Subject: Web Accessibility Report Message

Received on Thursday, 13 August 1998 12:12:02 UTC