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At 05/05/99 09:05 PM , you wrote:
>Slide 5: "See Checkpoint 1.2..." is a link but it links to checkpoint 2
>and "See Checkpoint 1.5..." links to checkpoint 5
CPL:: Fixed

>Slide 6: I expect the balloon to expand and burst.
CPL:: On my system, this animated .GIF does expand and burst, in both IE
4.0 and Netscape 4.0.  I don't know why it doesn't for you.

>Slide 7: AND looks like an element or attribute tag - might use a
>different way of emphasizing it.  If practical one might have a way for
>the example to be a working example so the author will know where the
>text is going to show up, etc.
CPL: wording fixed, example changed and real applet added.

>Slide 8: "at least we can add equivalent text" but you didn't.
CPL:: I did add alt-text to the .gif image, but I didn't bother to add a
longdesc.  In the fix I refer people back to the example for checkpoint
1.1a, part 2 where longdesc is first explained.

>Slide 10: If this is to be an "example" it must show an example - as it
>is it's just a technique description.
CPL:: temporary fix: linked to checkpoint 12.2 (sam86-0.htm) where a more
detailed example existed.

>Slide 11: Same comment as Slide 10

CPL:: URGENT - request someone to provide me with a simple but interesting
example I can use in this slide.  (please respect any copyrights... better
yet, write one and donate it to the EO)

>Slide 12: Somehow I thought the null alt text was the option of choice
>when the item was just decorative?

CPL:: Question... by null alt text, do you mean alt="" with no space
between the quotes?
Actually, this example may still reflect my particular bias to the use of
alt-text which is no longer reflected in the WCAG.  I should re-read what
the latest techniques document says about it.  Maybe somebody could clip it
and mail it to me to save time.

>Slide 13: you have "us" where you meant "is".  "force white space
>between other object" deserves a rewrite.   Should be an example.
CPL:: typo fixed.  Example added.  Thanks for noticing all this stuff... I
had these examples in the old set but forgot to transfer them to the new in
my haste.

>Slide 14: cries out to be an example.  Just saying it has less power.
CPL:: I have faked an example using an image of a submit button linked to a
.WAV file.  I don't know how to write a real script that would accomplish
this, but I know it can be done by somebody.  If someone wants to take a
crack at it, please be my guest.

>Consider that many of these deserve the same comment: EXEMPLIFY
>Slide 16: link goes to wrong slide.
CPL:: Fixed... example added.

>Slide 17: same comment as 16
CPL:: Fixed... example added.
>I'm beat so I'll take this up tomorrow.

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