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At 08/05/99 04:20 PM , you wrote:
>Slide 91: "title attribute on the link element" doesn't seem to relate
>to the code shown and there's nothing to show how it "helps".
CPL:: I am not clear about this myself.  Anyone have a more appropriate
example where using the "title" attribute might add to the understanding of
a link?

>Slide 92: "For example, use RDF ([RDF]) to indicate..." seems completely
>off-the-wall (or is that "over-thetop") to me.  What is RDF and why
>isn't there a link to it?  How is it used? etc.  " of links..."
>implies more than one link but the illustration shows but one.  Also
>it's hard for me to think of "document's author..." as "semantic
>content" - but that's just me.

CPL:: this checkpoint is also over my head.  I am asking (again, I think)
for anyone out there to explain this to me.

>Slide 94: "and" should be "an" in the expositional remarks.  When you
>say the "link element" I keep looking for a tag called "LINK".

CPL:: "and" replaced with "an".  And I always forget that A stands for
ANCHOR (though it very often creates a LINK).  Sloppy syntax on my part.

>Slide 97: "In the future, by grouping links, user agents will be able to
>deal with them as a group."  The user agents don't group the links - I
>don't remember what this error is called grammatically.

CPL:: replaced with: " In the future, if the page author has grouped links
with the proper markup, user agents will be able to deal with them as a group."

>Slide 98: comma after links in first line?

CPL:: done.

>Slide 99: "Submit" should take you to a joke result screen else you
>might find the user waiting forever.
CPL:: added a caveat.  Will look at "doing something" with the button in
the future.

>Slide 103: Should link to the example CP. rel=" is missing something.
Modified the text to clarify, and added the link.

>Slide 104: Link to CP 1.

CPL:: done.

>Slide 107: "...slides you are been using..."  I R?  "but I feel" may be
>the first (only?) use of the first person singular I remember in this
>document! "...confused as to their whereabouts." presents a
>"vagueness-of-'their'" phenomenon.  If it were singular (his/her) it
>means something different ("A visitor") but as a plural it must mean
>"cues" which seems unlikely.
CPL:: fixed the first person singular.  Replaced the confusing sentence
with "To maintain a sense of where they are in a site, visitors will have
to rely on less obvious cues or clues on a page to keep from being confused ."

>Slide 108: "Automated validation methods are generally rapid and
>convenient but cannot identify all accessibility issues. Human review
>can help ensure clarity of language and ease of navigation."  In
>fairness to "automated validation" you should state the parallel
>downside of "human review", viz. "...but is prone to oversights and
>inaccuracies."  A gratuitous quote is placed after "Lynx-Me".
CPL:: fixed the gratuitous quote.  But, at the end of it all, you have
stumped me with your comment about human review.  Can you rephrase or
restate?  I am not sure what you are getting at.

>Thank God Almighty - free at last!  It's been fun and I'll probably do
>it again sometime but probably not before last call or whatever.  I
>think if you can get some folks to provide working code examples of more
>things it will get really popular as a major training aid - not just for
>accessibility.  I will try to interest Hakom Lie and Dave Raggett in
>going through it because they have shown me really good HTML tutorial
>design skills.  

CPL:: Thanks so much William... your comments have been invaluable.  Judy
has been after me to bug the experts, but I am a prime procrastinator.  I
agree that some of the more esoteric guidelines need more.  But I do need help.

>I woke from my nap to a sleet blizzard and thought Toronto must be under
>a blanket of blue rather than white!  See you there and hope I've been
>of some use with my nagging emails.
CPL:: don't know about Toronto, but Ottawa was deluged with very warm rain
today (after almost two weeks of perfectly sunny, warm, dry (omega-block)


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