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At 08/05/99 01:45 PM , you wrote:
>Slide 81: "backward's compatible" the famous gratuitous apostrophe
>(maybe even a gratuitous "s").  "The WAI will help you to answer those
>questions."  Not if you don't make this a link <G>!
CPL:: I substantially revised the wording of this slide and the previous.
I think it is much better now.  Also, I don't know what the link is, so I
changed the wording.  If anyone is aware that of a resource for
browser/screen-reader compatibility exists, please tell me.

>Slide 82: "A complete list of deprecated elements is available
>elsewhere." But where's the link?

CPL:: HELP!!! Can anybody tell me what the link to deprecated element is?

>Slide 83: "...content negotiation..."  What? "If it is not possible to
>use content negotiation, in HTML use "type" and "hreflang"." How?

CPL:: don't know how.  Need HELP from someone who knows.  User friendly
explanation and example desperately wanted!

>Slide 84: Intro contains a period after "page", tch! "graphic and
>non-graphic users." somehow evokes users who cannot be seen or made a
>portrait of.

CPL:: period changed to comma.  Changed "graphic and non-graphic users" to
"users of graphical and non-graphical browsers"

>Slide 85: "The narrow frame (center, right) is to be used for the Table
>of Contents. The largest frame (center, left) is where the content of
>the document chosen from the Table of Contents will appear." I've always
>said that sighted people don't know their left from their right <g>! 
>Also could you make this Example *do something* as when I select
>"Document 1", etc.

CPL:: 1) Thanks for catching that.  I am almost incapable of distinguishing
between left and right.  Never have been able to.  On the other hand (pun
intended) I am adept at functioning with the compass directions (North,
East, South, West etc.) and never get them confused.  As to making the
frame do something: too much trouble for the moment.  I will consider it in
a later revision.
>Slide 86: Even LONGDESC writers don't know right from left.

CPL:: got it.

>Slide 87: I have no idea what this means.

CPL:: see next comment.

>Slide 88: Oh!  You can't get there from here.

CPL:: see next comment.
>Slide 89: But won't it be nice (some day real soon now?).
CPL:: Yes, it will.

>Slide 90: Promises, promises!

CPL:: Take it up with UAWG.
>I hope to finish in the next posting.  Incidentally, it all looks very
>different in Opera 3.51 which I will use henceforth.

Thanks William...

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