Re: WCAG Curriculum update

Introductory slide set.

At 08/05/99 04:50 PM , you wrote:
>I just went back to read the Intro and you'd best take the word
>"Proposed" out of the phrase "W3C...Recommendation".  I now note this
>appears more than one place so better do a search/remove.

CPL:: fixed.

>"In this set of 15 slides" wrong number of slides.  Also wrong number of

CPL:: fixed

>Under "The Checkpoint set" (Set would be more proper) there's an "ant"
>for "and".

CPL:: fixed.
>Introduction Slide 3 of 18: "users risk."  The risk is a possession of
>the user.

CPL:: fixed.
>Slide 5: A parenthesis short in "ome examples that use HTML 4.0 and CSS
>1.0 are only known to display properly on a few browsers (e.g. Microsoft
>Internet Explorer 4.01 or Netscape Navigator 4.0, Opera 3.51 (with
>optional plug-ins)."

CPL:: fixed.

>Slide 6: "(see mmsoftwr.htm)" How?
CPL:: fixed

>Slide 8: "background on the W3C and WAI" wants a link.  This is why it's
>called "hypertext" <g>. "Teaching only the Guideline set:" the list
>items should be parallel structures grammatically.
CPL:: made minor changes, but I am too tired to rewrite at the moment. 

>Slide 10: Love those "speficic" topics.
CPL:: would you believe I put that in there just to catch you?  No? Neither
would I. Anyway, it is fixed.

>Slide 12: I don't know if the tooltip that comes with the arrows always
>lists the filename or if it (I believe in accordance with some CP!) says
>"prev" or "next" in some cases??

CPL:: can't find what you are referring to in this comment.  Maybe I fixed
it on some remark made by Jim Allan about this page.

>Slide 14: Make 'em links and add "validation services"
CPL:: done.

>Slide 18: Speaker's Notes link to nowhere.
CPL:: fixed.

>Recently Judy wrote a very nice WAI overview and it would be a useful
>addendum to one of the previous slides.
CPL:: lets bring this up at the next EO meeting.  Lots of things might be
appropriate to append to the curriculum: WCAG glossary, etc.

>Of course I've only done a little and most of the repairs will come from
>the suggestions of people who actually use this set and I hope they are
>legion.  This must have been an incredible commitment of time and effort
>on your part and I think it is a remarkable achievement and am glad if
>I've been of any help.
CPL:: William... If Geoff doesn't mind my speaking on his behalf,  we truly
appreciate your efforts and thank you for the words of praise.


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