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At 07/05/99 07:42 PM , you wrote:
>Slide 51: too big again.  I forget whether px is absolute, but anyway
>check to see if you've used relative units of measure - you naughty boy!

CPL:: sigh... Netscape is very touchy about style sheet commands (or IE is
very tolerant... not sure which).  I think Jim found a partial (non WCAG
compliant) solution for these font-size problems and I will look back
through my mail to try and find it again.

>Slide 54: I'm not sure what "animated image" means here.

CPL:: "animated image" refers to the animated image.  At least it is
animated when I look at it.  The picture in the example flips back and
forth between a house and a telephone.

>Slide 56: If this is supposed to work...  I get to the same thing
>whenever I hit the link.

The device-independent event-handlers in this example work in IE4, but not,
apparently in Netscape 4.  My HTML 4 book seems to indicate they should
work in Netscape 4, but for some reason, they don't.  The same problem
occurs on sam69-0.htm. The next slide (sam70-0.htm) has device-dependent
event handlers that do work in Netscape 4.  

>Slide 65: The link to CP 1.2 goes to GL 2 instead and that for CP 1.5
>goes to something CP5 which is a weird page since there is no such thing
>as CP 5!  There is in fact a series of 15 slides for CPs that are from
>the previous incarnation!!!

CPL:: fixed.

>Slide 67: "Refer to the image map section for examples." Would be nice
>to have a link.  "Refer to the Keyboard access for links and Keyboard
>Access to Forms sections for examples."  Do it for them, please. "For
>example, in HTML, applets, and multi-media players"  I'm pretty sure you
>mean for a colon to follow "HTML" else you're saying something like
>"HTML is an imported markup language without the ability to control"
CPL:: links added. Colon added.

>Slide 69: "The second time you select it, the link itself will be
>followed a new HTML page will load)."  Call in the grammarians!  I guess
>I don't have javascript enabled so will have to take your word that
>something like you say should happen would happen.  I'll try it another
>time since I have to almost re-boot to enable javascript and don't
>really know if I can.  Also I think you should check your style sheets
>to see if code examples can't be made all the same font.

CPL:: is "the link itself will be followed and a new HTML page will load"
better?  Again, there is something quirky about Netscape and style.  All
code examples look the same in IE.  I will try and find a solution.

>Slide 70: Again it doesn't behave as I was led to expect by the text.

CPL:: I added a comma to the event description, but it does work in
Netscape, exactly as I described it.

>Slide 71: "Skip the form to find accessible alternatives" links to a 404
>and I guess tabindex doesn't work on my browser??
CPL:: Link fixed... now points to a file that give some accessible options
for on-line forms.  Tabindex is (as far as I know) only supported on IE4+.
Not sure about Opera. Definitely not in Netscape 4.0. Not sure about
Netscape 4.5+. Added a caveat to the example.   

>Slide 72: "The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL
>/wai/three/sam72-0.htm." makes one hate error messages.  That one from
>hitting "enter" and "skip" gets a 404.

CPL:: it doesn't cause a problem on my system (with either Netscape or IE).
 I have temporarily added a warning to NOT submit the example forms since
they may cause a problem on some systems.  I will see if I can identify the
problem you had.

>Slide 73: alt+ nothing works only the undo button works, etc.

CPL:: IE vs Netscape again... what can I say.  I added a caveat to the example.

>Another day, another set of nags!

CPL:: Your nags are making this a much better product!

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