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>Slide 18: I'd like to hold a discussion about the links' destination
>text.  At present it's OK but I think some clever folk (maybe beyond
>just you and me) could make these more amusing/instructive.
CPL:: for the moment, I will take "at present it's OK" to mean no work for

>Slide 19: In the header I think there has to be a comma after "track". 
>You might even say something like: "Until user agents can automatically
>speak the text equivalent of the visual track of a multimedia
>presentation, provide an auditory description of its important
>information." but that's up to the *real* wordsmiths <G>!
CPL:: I put in the comma, but I won't/can't rewrite actual wording lifted
from the WCAG Rec.

>Slide 20: "...synchronize equivalent alternatives..."  I wonder if
>there's some way to expand this into a "how to".
CPL:: I have asked our resident multimedia expert, Geoff Freed to expand on

>Slide 21: Mandatory comma after "links" in intro text else "map links
>provide" error in little minds like mine.  Incidentally, I have *not*
>proofed ANY of the HTML code examples - and probably am not competent to
>do so.
CPL:: fixed missing comma.  Most missing commas were lost when I tried
something fancy with the H1 text in a never released version of the slides.
Unfortunately, when I "fixed" the text, I didn't read them.  Thanks for
catching the missing commas.

>Slide 22: punctuate header.  I remember the example as "working" which
>this one doesn't.  The explanation left me more confused than instructed
>but I don't exactly know what to do since I don't know if there's just a
>coding error, a browser problem, or Thursday brain fog.

CPL:: Header punctuation... see above.  This example works for me, but
let's hear from some others about its effectiveness.

>And that's through 2 GL/CP/EX's - more later.

Thanks William. 
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