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At 08/05/99 11:29 AM , you wrote:
>Slide 74: comma after "windows" in intro (unless you mean "spawned
>windows do not cause..." <g>. 

CPL:: fixed.

>Slide 75: "... ensure that the label that is either:..."  The old "too
>many 'that's' syndrome.  The example isn't "intuitively obvious" but
>maybe it's "Oldtymer's Disease".
CPL::  removed the extra "that".  Added some text to the example to explain
the checkpoint and added a "negative" example for some contrast.

>Slide 76: "I realize that in this case the latter is actually better
>literature than the text-proper, but you get the drift."  I thought you
>weren't going for the jocular (pun intended).  I don't know about this
>applying to "most" screen-readers?

CPL:: you are incorrect.  I was going for the jocular... it was "someone
else" who was suggesting we "business" it up a bit.  However, in this case,
I am going on strike.  I like my deathless prose.  If somebody wants to
send me some "appropriate" text (same approximate number of words, same
possibility for confusion, etc.) then I will substitute it.  Otherwise it
stays.  Re: "most" screen-readers.  I will change it to "some" screen-readers.

>Slide 78: I think the missing comma goes after "correctly"?

CPL:: fixed.

>Slide 79: Same old wrong link.  The missing comma is after "distinctly"?

CPL:: fixed link (By the way, this highlights the extreme difficulty in
making any changes to the slide sets.  Any addition or deletion of a slide
requires manual investigation of all links in the curriculum).  Comma added.

>What I really found amazing is how little duplication there has been
>between Jim's comments and mine!

CPL:: and thank you both for having distinctly different mind-sets.  I
would have gotten bored  reading the same comments and typing "see response
to so-and-so".


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