Re: Translation into Italian

Dear Pavel,

Thank you for your offer to translate into Italian.

The document at:
is already in the process of being translated into Italian.

However, you may go ahead and translate the following:

Please ensure that you include in your translation, a disclaimer to 
indicate that the translation may contain errors and that the official 
document remains the English one.  You will find further details of this 
disclaimer in point 5.6 at:

Please note that these documents are not suitable for inclusion in the 
translations database and, as such, your translations will not be added. 
  However, they will be linked from the original document.

Kind regards,

Helen Westbrook

Pavel Buyeu wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> I'll care to translate into Italian following docs:
> After that i plan to translate following docs:
> Please, confirm that i can start.
> Best regards,
> Pavel.

Received on Friday, 9 November 2007 12:37:17 UTC