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[ExternalEmail] New version of the ontology uploaded including alignement with DUL

Cancelling the pre-announced meeting (15 September) - except for wrap up work by Krzysztof-Michael & Cory-Laurent

Meeting Minutes (28 September) + Meeting reminder (29 September)

Meeting Minutes (29 September)

Meeting reminder (14 September) "Wrap up Pass 2" (and pre-announce of possible meeting - 15 September)

Meeting reminder (28 September and 29 September) "Wrap up Pass 3"

Meeting reminder Wednesday 22 September

Meeting: Reminder (8 September) WRAP UP Pass 1!

Minutes Meeting 21 September

Minutes Meeting 22 September + QCR debate

New version of the SSN ontology (and figures with alignment coming soon)

Ontology documentation (Graphics)

possible ssn-xg event at iswc, shangai november 7-11

Reminder: Two meetings this week (21 September and 22 September)

Some comments about the ontologyq

SSN-XG Meeting Minutes (14 September) + Analysis of options on follow-up activities

SSN-XG Meeting Minutes (8 September)

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