SSN-XG Meeting Minutes (8 September)


Thanks to Kerry for scribing, and to everyone who attended the telephone conference today.

The minutes of the meeting are here:

For those who were not at the teleconf, please note that we are entering the final countdown period (less than one month!) for the XG where everyone is asked to contribute at a higher rate than "normal". I'm interested to hear who would like to have two teleconfs a week instead of one with the Tuesdays allocated to ontology-related work and the Wednesdays allocated to the completion of all the other tasks or alternatively a one-off discussion with me or with someone else to define their main areas of contributions. 

Apart from Michael, which is finalising the ontology (comments and annotations and a few last minutes fixes), all the regular participants to the teleconf have now switched on the completion of examples and module documentations. 

Can I ask for everyone else to reserve some time to contribute on other XG deliverables. I will try to send personalised instructions to recruit each of you for specific tasks on the basis of your past activities matching the deliverable report(s) structure documented in this page: (feedback welcome, especially on sections 3 and 7 which are in a less mature state). 

Amongst other things, I need some input from everyone which has used or plans to use the SSN ontology, in a few lines. I'd like to have a general description of the project, and additional details on:
-  your use case and comments on the ontology modules which are the most important for your application (using this figure )
- and also feedback on the parts which are missing / future work areas / need for standardisation work or not / and ... anything which can strengthen the recommendations to be issued in the XG rport )


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