Meeting Minutes (29 September)

Hi everyone,

Thanks everyone who attended today's meeting: Andriy, Arthur, Danh, Myriam, Payam and Krzysztof (the list is at the bottom of the minutes). 

The minutes are here 

For those who were not present, we mainly discuss the progress of the ongoing work on the XG report. 


I have also drafted a questionnaire to get us organised on who will review what: 

The idea is that everyone can see what reviews are already planned before agreeing to review the parts open for review. 

If you have suggestions on how to improve the questionnaire structure, please send them to me and to Arthur: he has accepted to help me to tune it. 

Then once, the chunks of the report listed in the questionnaire are "completed", I will declare them open for review and ask you to register your interest. Once you have finished your review, I'ld like you to add a comment next to your answer (the questionnaire system allows you to modify your answer as many time you want). I have set it up to receive the notifications by email. 

Teleconf hiccups:

I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused by my ignorance of what to do when the teleconf system and my own Internet connection/skype misbehave at the same time, especially so early in the day. 

If you have any clues of what may have gone wrong or if you have experienced the same thing in another teleconference at any time, please let me know. I'll have another look at the IRC log on the PC I've used this morning (at home) and if possible, I'll contact the admin guys at W3C before our next teleconf.


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