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I have just uploaded a new OWL file and re-generated the documentation to fix labels and added two new extra documentation features: 
- handling of dc:source annotations (for each class/property and in a recap table) 
- DUL alignement (in a recap table) 

FYI, the dc:source annotations now follows a specific syntax 
(skos relation type + 'term' + [reference] + url + text) 
so that they can be processed into web-ready content. 

For example, this annotation

  <dc:source>skos:broaderMatch 'reference operating condition' [VIM 4.11]

  The difference is that here we also allow for qualities that aren't VIM    
  influence quantities [VIM 2.52] - for example, a quantity that alters the 
  power requirements, but doesn't affect the measurement properties -   
  conditions specified in MeasurementCapability should be influence 

is transformed into this HTML snippet on the wiki page 

I have put all the re-formatted dc:source annotations in a summary table at the end of the documentation

And I have generated a list of all the links between the SSN ontology and DOLCE Ultra Lite ontology: subClassOf, equivalentClass (none yet), subPropertyOf, equivalentProperty (none yet) 


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Subject: [ExternalEmail] New version of the ontology uploaded including alignement with DUL


I have just uploaded the new version Michael gave me with the DOLCE alignment almost completed: 

It is accessible from the page I used to upload the file:

or as 

The documentation page served by the permanent URL has also been updated: see 
And I have completed it with an extra page to provide a documentation of the DUL classes we reuse in the same format. See 

Michael will send the details of the changes but here is the list of the changes that I'm aware of:

- lots of new links (sub-class and sub-property) to DOLCE classes and property 

- lots of new rdfs:comment and dc:source annotations (to get on a consistent set of definitions) 

- New Simulus class !

(An Event in the real world that 'triggers' the sensor. The properties associated to the stimulus may be different to eventual observed property. It is the event, not the object that triggers the sensor)

- isProperty of: 
(the inverse of hasProperty) 

- implemented by inverse of implements 

- hasValue: (linking SensorOutput and ObservationValue)  

- ObservationValue has replaced ValueThing

- is produced by 

- some classes and properties renamed (ending by SSN or SSNX) to avoid name condlicts with DUL 

- some classes to become deprecated e.g. EventSSN (replaced by Event from DUL)

- has Operating property instead of has operating condition and has Survival Property instead of has Survival Condition (thanks to Andriy for suggesting this change).


- check that the labels of the classes which have changed have also been updated
- complete the rdfs:comment and dc:source annotations (and display the dc:source annotation in the generated documentation) 
- change the module in which is Produced by is listed (typo) and probably a few others ... comments welcome!

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