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Added context everywhere (by adding it to the binding attributes)

Added xforms 2.0 schema files to xformsusers mercurial repository

Completed ACTION-1885: Add an extra example to show that attributes may come after element content in the element() function

Made xpath error information available as context information for xforms-compute-exception and xforms-binding-exception

Moved text about backwards compatibility of functions out of note

Removed AVT support from bind and model attributes

RNC schema change: deprecate @nodeset and add in @ref on bind, header

showing relationships in xforms

Supporting AVTs in bind and model attributes

SVG and XForms

Updated spec repeat, itemset and other uses of sequences to bind to sequences of atomic values (required lots of changes to spec)

Updating Wikipedia XForms pages

Upload limitations

XForms 2.0 schema

XForms 2.0 schema [@indexref]

XForms 2.0 schema [@iterate]

XForms 2.0 schema [functions and variables]

XForms 2.0 schema [script action]

XForms 2.0 schema [xforms.model.content]

XForms 2.0 schema [xforms.Sequence.Binding.attrib]

XForms 2.0 schema [XPath 2.0, JSON/CSV, Multiple MIPS, @nodeset, @p3ptype, @caseref, AVT]

XForms 2.0: dispatch/property

XPath 2.0: on bindings to atomic values and the result of the element()/attribute() functions

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