Re: Added context everywhere (by adding it to the binding attributes)

There is still a distinction between

    single-node binding: @model, @ref, @bind


    sequence-binding (formerly nodeset) binding @model, @ref, @nodeset,

In that single-node-binding is used on

    label, hjelp, hint, alert, message, item/value, item/copy,
    upload/filename, upload, output, output/mediatype, input, textarea,
    secret, select,select1, range, trigger, submit, load, setvalue,
    group, switch,

and sequence-binding is used on

    itemset, insert, delete, repeat.

Q: Does @context go on both single-node-binding and sequence-binding?

Q: Also, does @context go in any of the following places, which 
currently have @nodeset, @ref, or @model:

    header, bind
    other actions (rebuild, dispatch, send, setfocus, etc)


Received on Friday, 20 April 2012 23:15:43 UTC