Added xforms 2.0 schema files to xformsusers mercurial repository


W3C has provided the xforms community group a mercurial repository (distributed SCM). More information on accessing and setting up read/write access can be found at

The plan is to use this repository for working on the XForms schema files (RelaxNG and XML Schema) and the XForms Test Suite. I've checked in initial versions of those.

The directory structure is currently like this:



Tests for the XPath expression module will be added in 2.0/xpath/tests/Edition1

Leigh already updated the Relax NG schema to match the current version of the spec, this work needs to be done for the XML schema version too. The tests are currently those from XForms 1.1, some chapter renumbering is needed, and tests for the new features should also be added.

If you're interested in contributing to either the schema files or the tests, please feel free to do it. If you have any questions related to it, please feel free to send questions to this e-mail list.

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