Re: SVG and XForms

> In Orbeon Forms, @ref can return any sequence of items, not only
> nodes. Now the question is whether the working group in fact decided
> to do this. Nick, do you remember the details?
> The XForms 2.0 doc right now says [1] "Binding expression interpreted
> as specified in the expression module."
> The XPath Expressions Module [2] defines a Binding expression as "An
> [XPath 2.0] expression used in a binding". But certainly it should
> address the fact that a binding expression does not necessarily point
> to nodes, and how it deals with atomic values. Right now I don't find
> anything on that topic in the spec.
There is already a confusion for users between @ref and @value and this 
tends to reduce the amount of xforms-binding-exceptions.

Should implementations check that input/@ref with only a value is not 
allowed while output/@ref is always OK?

Would there be a null value??


Received on Wednesday, 4 April 2012 06:52:12 UTC