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On the teleconf we discussed that binding controls to non-instance data nodes will make the controls read-only. Because non-instance data nodes and atomic values are considered read-only. But I don't recall if we came to an official resolution and I can't find an action item to accordingly amend the spec. We should bring this up again on our weekly call.

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On 04 Apr 2012, at 08:51, Alain Couthures wrote:

In Orbeon Forms, @ref can return any sequence of items, not only
nodes. Now the question is whether the working group in fact decided
to do this. Nick, do you remember the details?

The XForms 2.0 doc right now says [1] "Binding expression interpreted
as specified in the expression module."

The XPath Expressions Module [2] defines a Binding expression as "An
[XPath 2.0] expression used in a binding". But certainly it should
address the fact that a binding expression does not necessarily point
to nodes, and how it deals with atomic values. Right now I don't find
anything on that topic in the spec.

There is already a confusion for users between @ref and @value and this tends to reduce the amount of xforms-binding-exceptions.

Should implementations check that input/@ref with only a value is not allowed while output/@ref is always OK?

Would there be a null value??


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