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[webappsec] Teleconference, Monday, 02-Nov-2015 CANCELLED Brad Hill (Thursday, 29 October)

[CSP] Script/Style hash and text normalization Joel Weinberger (Wednesday, 28 October)

Signed JavaScript/JSON Objects using ES6 Anders Rundgren (Tuesday, 27 October)

[permissions] privacy concern with Permissions API/granted status and events Nick Doty (Tuesday, 27 October)

referrer-policy attribute Franziskus Kiefer (Friday, 23 October)

CSP: Feedback welcome. Mike West (Thursday, 22 October)

Re: [mixed-content] DASH Players and Mixed Content David Dorwin (Tuesday, 20 October)

[webappsec] Teleconference Agenda 19-Oct-2015 Daniel Veditz (Monday, 19 October)

Call for Exclusions: Confinement with Origin Web Labels Xueyuan Jia (Thursday, 15 October)

Security Review - Chrome Native Messaging Anders Rundgren (Thursday, 15 October)

[powerful-features] Framing Richard Barnes (Thursday, 15 October)

Fwd: Intent To Implement: UI Security / "IronFrame" Dan Kaminsky (Thursday, 15 October)

[powerful-features] Some comments Richard Barnes (Wednesday, 14 October)

Security Review of the Google Web Payment API Proposal Anders Rundgren (Wednesday, 14 October)

[SRI] comments timeless (Wednesday, 14 October)

[SRI] Shared Cache through `sharedcache` attribute Romuald Brillout (Tuesday, 13 October)

[webappsec] Invitation to edit: TPAC agenda Brad Hill (Monday, 12 October)

[powerful-features] feedback timeless (Monday, 12 October)

[CSP] Difference in browser behaviour for 304 responses André N. Klingsheim (Saturday, 10 October)

Removal of reflected-xss from CSP3 (was Re: Move `referrer` from CSP to some other header.) Brian Smith (Friday, 9 October)

Move `referrer` from CSP to some other header. Mike West (Friday, 9 October)

Call for Exclusions: Upgrade Insecure Requests; Mixed Content Xueyuan Jia (Friday, 9 October)

Reminder regarding normative references Wendy Seltzer (Tuesday, 6 October)

[SRI] Call for Consensus: Subresource Integrity to Candidate Recommenation Brad Hill (Tuesday, 6 October)

SRI: ready for CR Francois Marier (Tuesday, 6 October)

Re: Referrer value for resources fetched from CSS Jochen Eisinger (Monday, 5 October)

Re: Testing W3C's HTTPS setup Mike West (Monday, 5 October)

[webappsec] Teleconference Agenda 5-Oct-2015 Brad Hill (Sunday, 4 October)

Re: CSP3 as a polylithic set of modules? Daniel Veditz (Sunday, 4 October)

CredentialManagement (Friday, 2 October)

Re: Starting to create new repositories. Mike West (Thursday, 1 October)

Non-browser implementation of CSP (was Re: CSP3 as a polylithic set of modules?) Brian Smith (Thursday, 1 October)

Re: Fwd: Password generation classes Ángel González (Thursday, 1 October)

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