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TPE Editorial Proposal to Remove Another Hard Dependency on the Compliance Specification Jack L. Hobaugh Jr (Thursday, 27 February)

Congrats to Mike Zaneis, EVP for IAB Jeffrey Chester (Wednesday, 26 February)

Resuming work on the TCS Carl Cargill (Thursday, 20 February)

Status of ISSUE-143 Justin Brookman (Wednesday, 19 February)

No WG call tomorrow Ninja Marnau (Tuesday, 18 February)

2014 Sponsors of Tracking Protection Working Group Jeff Jaffe (Friday, 14 February)

Announcement of Calls for Objections on Issues 241 and 240 Ninja Marnau (Wednesday, 12 February)

Agenda for February 12 call Ninja Marnau (Tuesday, 11 February)

Re: Request for Disclosure of W3C TPWG Funding Sources Alan Chapell (Tuesday, 11 February)

ISSUE-217, ISSUE-228: Network Transaction definition --- Decision on Call for Objections Justin Brookman (Thursday, 6 February)

Question to Chairs on Call-for-objection Process Chris Mejia (Wednesday, 5 February)

changes to TPE before last call. Mike O'Neill (Wednesday, 5 February)

Agenda for February 5 call Ninja Marnau (Tuesday, 4 February)

Rubicon: WC3 DNT efforts "appears to be disbanding" Jeffrey Chester (Tuesday, 4 February)

Re: ISSUE-153 Consensus Ninja Marnau (Tuesday, 4 February)

RE: tracking-ISSUE-240 (Context): Do we need to define context? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)] Chris Pedigo (Monday, 3 February)

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