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2014 Sponsors of Tracking Protection Working Group

Agenda for February 12 call

Agenda for February 5 call

Announcement of Calls for Objections on Issues 241 and 240

changes to TPE before last call.

Congrats to Mike Zaneis, EVP for IAB

ISSUE-153 Consensus

ISSUE-217, ISSUE-228: Network Transaction definition --- Decision on Call for Objections

No WG call tomorrow

Question to Chairs on Call-for-objection Process

Reminder: Calls for Objections end today

Request for Disclosure of W3C TPWG Funding Sources

Resuming work on the TCS

Rubicon: WC3 DNT efforts "appears to be disbanding"

Status of ISSUE-143

TPE Editorial Proposal to Remove Another Hard Dependency on the Compliance Specification

tracking-ISSUE-240 (Context): Do we need to define context? [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

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