TPE Editorial Proposal to Remove Another Hard Dependency on the Compliance Specification

Dear Co-Chairs:

On December 8, 2013, Roy Fielding notified the TPWG that:
Over the past three weeks I have made a number of changes to the TPE
editors' draft in order to remove the hard dependency on the Compliance
specification and note the currently pending WG decisions.
. . . .
This reflects a first pass on revising TPE toward the new plan.
Most of the changes are simply editorial rephrasing to avoid an
indication of compliance.  The non-editorial changes are summarized
below. Note that these changes represent a set of proposals by the
editor and are subject to the usual disclaimers regarding not yet
being WG consensus.
. . . .
    -- removed "1" and "3" tracking status values since they imply
       compliance; they can still be sent as qualifiers.
    -- added   "T" TSV (tracking) as replacement for 1/3
    -- changed "!" TSV from non-compliant to under construction
    -- changed "X" TSV (dynamic) to "?" to be more self-descriptive
(Found at

Mr. Fielding also introduced Issue-239 and the TPWG has reached consensus on that issue.  Issue-239 permits a server to provide a link to a compliance regime or policy.

I agree with Roy that the hard dependency on the Compliance specification should be removed from the TPE and that a server should have the ability to point to the compliance regime being followed by that server.

Towards that goal, I now propose adding the following TSV value in order to remove a hard dependency on the Compliance Specification:

— “R” TSV (reference)

“R” (reference) notifies the user to refer to the “compliance” field to understand how a DNT:1 signal will be treated by the server.

For example:


            “tracking”: “R”,

            “compliance”: [“”],

            . . .


Again, the rationale for this proposal is remove a hard dependency on the Compliance specification.   Specifically, for those entities that adopt a non-W3C compliance regime that may have a conflicting definition of “tracking,” this addition may allow those entities to also adopt the W3C TPE protocol specification.

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