Re: Test cases and examples for dataset entailment

On 10 Sep 2012, at 17:30, Richard Cyganiak wrote:
> Two other things that I'd quite like to see before we can call the proposal complete:
> 1. Some thinking on how it addresses our graph use cases. (Do we have an “official” list of those? I've lost track with all the various documents.)
> 2. Some examples for semantic extensions, in order to show that various other proposed semantics can actually be done as proper semantic extensions of this minimal dataset semantics.

I've worked a bit on this item and made attempts to formalize three semantic extensions:

* owl:imports (formally explains how owl:imports works in RDF datasets)
* web datasets (formally defines that stuff published on the web is asserted)
* direct graph semantics (permits "literal" immutable graphs)

I'm not proposing that we should standardize any of this; the intention is merely to explore how flexible/extensible the semantics proposed on that page is.

Again, I'm not really good at this formal semantics stuff, so this might all be spectacularly wrong.


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