Test cases and examples for dataset entailment



I've added a number of test cases and examples to the Minimal Dataset Semantics wiki page. There are also test cases that try to specifically show what's at stake in the various open issues. No one has reviewed this yet, so expect some errors.

I think this should be a good basis for further discussion. I think it would be helpful for Wednesday's call if everyone had read through these test cases. Please feel free to ask questions and propose additional examples and test cases!

Two other things that I'd quite like to see before we can call the proposal complete:

1. Some thinking on how it addresses our graph use cases. (Do we have an “official” list of those? I've lost track with all the various documents.)

2. Some examples for semantic extensions, in order to show that various other proposed semantics can actually be done as proper semantic extensions of this minimal dataset semantics.


Received on Monday, 10 September 2012 16:30:57 UTC